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Land Use & Zoning

 The Varian Law Firm expertise in the  areas of land use and zoning is well respected throughout Westchester  County. The Varian Law Firm has appeared before numerous zoning boards,  village boards, town boards, city councils, and planning boards. For  more than 30 years, Gregory T. Varian has successfully obtained and  opposed numerous variance applications. 

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real estate

 The Varian Law Firm is versed in all Real Estate services including the  sale and purchase of businesses and residential properties, leasing, and  closings. The Varian Law Firm is experienced in assisting property  owners in bringing their property into compliance with municipal  codes. In addition, areas of expertise include restrictions related to  land development, ways to vary the law through the appeals process and  the necessities of protecting the record in consideration of a  potential Article 78 proceeding. The Varian Law Firm is proficient in  the laws that restrict new construction, renovations, extensions and  real estate development of all kinds, so we can protect our clients  by timely identify these issues at the design and planning stage of a  project or prior to the transfer of property. 

land use and variances

Mr. Varian is experienced in local variances, knowledge that he has shared with architects, brokers and attorneys during the Continuing Education program "Varian on Variances". The Varian Law Frim has appeared before numerous zoning boards, village boards, town boards, city councils and planning boards.  For more than 30 years, Mr. Varian as successuflly obtained or opposed numerous variance, site plan, subdivision and special permit applications.

Trusts, wills & probate

 The Varian Law Firm can provide comprehensive assistance with all of  your Trust, Will and Probate needs. Planning for the worst is always a  sensitive and personal matter, yet it is important to insure that the  needs of loved ones are protected in the manner consistent with your  wishes. Our goal is to help ensure your property goes where you want  with minimal losses due to disputes or taxes. We can help you clearly  dictate how assets are to be distributed, create revocable, irrevocable  trusts and life insurance trusts, and prepare living wills and financial  powers of attorney. Additionally, after a loved one passes, having the  proper support to prepare and file the probate petition and advise on  administration of the estate are critically important, a service we are  here to provide.  

small business

 The Varian Law Firm also provides a wide variety of the legal services  for Small Businesses. If you are just starting out and needing  the protection of incorporation or an LLC, looking to open up a  franchise or looking to grow your existing small business, we are here  to lend you the support that you need to insure that you are making the  right moves for your business and to insure that you are personally  protected. We can help you establish the most appropriate business  entity or insure that your existing business is in compliance with  Federal, State, and Local law. 


 Interested  in opening up your own franchise of a National or local chain? The  Varian Law firm has experience in helping those interested in becoming a  franchisee of brands of all sizes. We can help you understand the terms  of the business offering guidance through the purchase or sale of the  franchised business.